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Score Updates

1.) Mark Scored 8.5 in IELTS

2.) Abhinav - SAT - 2200

3.) Lavanya scored 7.5 in IELTS

4.) Dr. Ahmed scored 8 bands in IELTS

5.) Dr. Swathi scored 8.5 in IELTS

6.) Dhananjay scored 8 bands in IELTS

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1.) Coaching + Visa guidance under one roof

Ielts | Gmat | Gre | Sat | Toefl | PTE | MAT Coaching centers in Hyderabad

Stanford Review has been set up to help students crack Entrance Tests such as GMAT, GRE, P-SAT, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, L-SAT (Law School Admission Test), M-CAT (Medical College Admission Test), OET (Occupational English Test). Though they are several coaching & training centers for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/GRE/SAT/ACT/GMAT in Hyderabad, not many of them impart complete coaching. What do I mean by Complete? They don't stay with the student till he/she gives the real test. They have some stipulated number of hours to quickly finish the concepts after which the students can't get a chance to see the face of the concerned faculty. Alas!

I actually believe that is the most crucial hour in which the student needs more help in clarifying doubts, measuring his progress, and suggesting steps for improvement. We just do that! That is why our students are reporting excellent scores.

In case of IELTS coaching, we have realistic strategies that get the target scores. Most   students need 6 bands in each module and overall, 6.5 for M.S or M.B.A .That is not a big score. An average student can get it with little practice. But in case of those who need 7 + bands scores for immigration purposes, our strategies come in to picture. In our specialized IELTS coaching program, we make the student familiar with band descriptors on which our course modules are based. We follow perfect methodologies, trained and tested by expert faculties. Therefore, our students are reporting 8 + band scores. Kudos!

Let us talk about PTE; our faculties are twice trained by PTE test makers. So they know the test inside out and how to impart PTE coaching. Just yesterday, a student, Ramesh Prasad was excited to report 76 he got in his PTE exam. Congrats!

In terms of TOEFL coaching, 115 is the highest, scored by not just one but several of our students. JuweriaHabiba, Harshavardanand RiazRizvan are some among them who took coaching from our Director & Sr. verbal Faculty JosephPriestly.

As for GRE coaching centers in the city, almost every coaching center is highly commercial. It’s not wrong. But being not bothered about scores of the students is what is really deplorable. Many students get carried away by the brand names. They normally think and get attracted by those institutes which largely advertise and promote themselves which are, in fact, the worse. We charge only 10,000/ for GRE which is very much reasonable for high quality GRE coaching we give. 

Coming to SAT coaching, we get calls from across the globe for online and offline , and  one- to- one classes. Students who have taken coaching from Stanford Review  are now studying their U .G in good universities such as  Boston University , Illinois state university  etc.  Our highest SAT score is 2350, but there are many 2000+ scores. We make sure that the student is very well grounded in concepts, then we take them through a series of exercises in order to build confidence, and there after we put them on full-length mock tests and give continuous feeds backs on his performances. That is the key!

In the case of GMAT coaching, we have much more to boast about. Our students have studied in I S B, Dart Mouth (IVYLEAGUE)etc . Highest GMAT score is 750, scored by PiyushAnand who was trained by Joseph Priestly Chebathina, Sr.Verbal Faculty Often students who took coaching in much hyped coaching centers but didn't get their target score approach us for one -on-one coaching. We have good number of students who scored 700+. We spend time and be available to the student in his much needed hour to help him succeed. Hence, We can assuredly say that this is the perfect GMAT coaching Center.

Finally, some students approach us with spoken English training needs. Others want to improve their written communication in English. Few others say they want to get fluent and be articulate in their job interviews, or in giving seminars or in conducting team meanings etc. We have an answer for everyone. We have graded spoken / Written English curriculum based on Oxford pattern.

We conduct an assessment to determine which level the student actually requires.

Serious, dedicated, result oriented, faculties work here. Their experience ranges from 2 yrs to 16 years.

Stanford Review doesn’t depend on publicity for enrollments. Rather, it predominantly depends on references from our past students who realized their dream scores with our world class training.

Secret behind our students top scores is 3D approach to coaching: In the first stage, we teach concepts, approaches, tips & techniques; In the second, faculty sits with the student on a one-on-one basis to review practice material, clarify the doubts, and give suggestions for improvements; and in the third stage, we conduct full-length mock tests& reviews and lead the student to perfection.

Through our online programs, we have trained students from U.S, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK, SAUDI ARABIA, SINGAPORE, CHINA, KOREA, and INDONASIA.

Dear Student, if you are aiming for 700+ in GMAT , 320+ in GRE, 2000+ in SAT, 99th percentile in L SAT, 110+ in TOEFL and 7 bands in IELTS,  80+ in PTE, then Stanford Review is your best bet.

So, why wait? Pick your phone and call for free demo session. All the best!

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