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GMAT- Sentence Correction – Joseph Priestly

Most GMAT students get comfortable with cracking Critical reasoning after sufficient practice , but Reading comprehension and Sentence correction  trouble them so much till test date . In this article , we will look at one SC error  type.

Grammatical construction

one of the aspects of grammatical construction is Sentence fragment . What is sentence fragment? : dependent clause left alone results in sentence fragment .

 The rising of costs of data-processing operations at many financial institutions has created a growing opportunity for independent companies to provide these services more efficiently and at lower cost.
(A) The rising of costs
(B) Rising costs
(C) The rising cost
(D) Because the rising cost
(E) Because of rising costs

this question is testing on subject -verb agreement+ grammatical construction

if you read answer choices D and E back in to the sentence , it will just become a depending clause and sentence fragment . A dependent clause needs an independent clause to complete its meaning. 

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