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GRE – Reasoning Questions ? -Joseph Priestly

How to crack GRE reasoning questions ?

These are the most challenging questions types on new gre. And unfortunately or fortunately depending on one's point of view, most institutes don't deal with these questions because not all faculty can teach them. But being able to crack these questions is critical to reaching 320 and above . 

First, one has to understand structure of an argument. An argument consists of 
Premise , Assumption and conclusion. Students should be able to understand the very function of these 3 things . 

Then he/she should know how to approach reasoning question types such as assumption, strengthen,, weaken, evaluate , flaw, inference , explain paradox and bold face question which frequent on the GRE test. 

Example : premise : john attends classes regularly . 
               conclusion: therefore, he is good boy

the unstated assumption in this argument that goes before the conclusion and after stated premise is the ' those who attend classes regularly are good boys '

Now lets  read premise first ,then assumption, then conclusion

John attends classes regularly 
those who attend classes are good boys
so, john is good boy

Good luck!  

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