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IELTS writing ?- Joseph Priestly

Most students struggle to get 7 bands in IELTS writing, especially those who need 7 for Australian P . R . If you get the following things right , you will surly score 7.

1 . Your general English Language writing skills such as Sub-verb Agreement, Noun-pronoun agreement, verb tense , comparisons, Parallelisms, Modifiers and Idiomatic expressions.

2.Academic students should learn how to report only main features and  make comparisons where relevant. They shouldn't just report whatever they see in the graph. In addition, they should know proper paragraphing with  right introduction and conclusions.

3. General folks should know how to maintain formal , semi-formal and informal  tone throughout the letter , British / American conventions of letter writing, proper   paragraphing in addition to perfect writing skills . 

4. In case of task 2, you should know how to present Argument type , Discussion type and general type of responses . Each of these have definite outline to follow . 

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